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Harold & Pam Walz (Owners)
Harold was born and raised on a dairy farm near Rockville, Minnesota.  
He grew up in a large dairy farming family. They also maintained a 4-5 acre
garden. They raised vegetables (lots and lots of sweet corn) and many fruits
like rhubarb, strawberries, currents, raspberries, chokecherries, cherries,
grapes, and apples.  Their farm became a frequent shopping spot for nearby
lake neighbors who enjoyed the farm fresh eggs and garden goodness they

Harold and his wife, Pam, purchased Pam’s grandparents farm in 1988. 
In the early 1990’s, after a farm accident, Harold and Pam decided to rent
the farmland out to a nearby conventional farmer.  Years later, after having
a child complete cancer treatment and learning about the unhealthy practices of
mono-crop grain production in our country, we decided to start taking their
farmland back.

In the past 5-7 years, Harold and Pam have sought healthier, chemical and
GMO free, food sources to help keep their family healthier and share those
resources with the larger community.  So they committed to becoming stewards of
the land and growing REAL GOOD FOOD which can be safely consumed right out
of the field and off the vine, without worries for harmful chemicals.

Their children, Nathan, Katie, Brian, and Thomas, frequently assist with
gardening, tasks at the farm, and helping customers at the St. Cloud Area
Farmers Market.  Along with extended family members, they have spent
several summers running an onsite bistro at the St. Cloud Area Farmers
Market.  Harold has an amazing green thumb and enjoys spending time out
in nature.  He enjoys the hard work of farming and delights in the
accomplishments and delicious produce all season long.  Pam did not
develop a green thumb and definitely leaves the growing to Harold,
while she produces amazing jams, salsas, pickles, breads, and other
delicious products to our customer’s delight.  
Melissa May (Farm Manager)

Melissa grew up in the Central Minnesota area and has been getting back to her roots through becoming a bit of nomad the past few years. Getting back to your roots by traveling may seem contradictory to some, but it has been an exciting adventure for Melissa.  She tries to carry the spirit and mindset of a traveler regardless of what it is she finds herself doing.

Melissa acknowledges that it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the chaos of life, but it is just as easy to get caught up in the beauty of it!  She believes that life isn’t meant to be a mundane carousel ride, but a rollercoaster of experience and growth.  If you really take the time to slow down, you will find that even the “mundane” is more beautiful.

Melissa discovered her interest and knack for farming a few years ago while wwoofing* on a farm in Georgia. Since her experience in the south, it seems that this way of living is the only way that will suffice for her.  She can’t even remember living for any other purpose.  It’s hard to work out the details of how she actually ended up becoming a part of Golden Bee Acres, but somehow she finds herself spending summer days and nights living on the land, working with the land, and helping to share the abundance of the land with our community.  She is very grateful to be able to live and work in a way that is in harmony with the Earth, as life should be. There are so many exciting things budding to the surface at Golden Bee Acres. She is very grateful and so excited to share all of it, and Golden Bee Acres is very grateful for her and her passion to be a caretaker of our environment, producer of healthy, locally grown food, and all around awesome person to learn and grow with!  

Melissa, Harold, Pam, and their families welcome you to become a guardian of the land with us! Take back the land with us by becoming a CSA member and support our locally grown efforts!  

 **Side note: Wwoofing stands for an organization called Willing Workers on Organic Farms and is a brilliant way to share knowledge and gain experience for life about sustainability and healthy, local food production. It is mutually enriching for both the woofer and the hosts. Melissa highly suggests the experience for anyone looking to learn something new or try something different, and hey....we may even be able to work something out for you to woof on our farm!**

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